SD Card Images

Gen 2 Obelisks have a built-in update mechanism and do not normally require you to download the SD card images below. To update normally, login to the Obelisk and look at the SYSTEM tab. If an update is available, it will have a red circle with an exclamation point on the tab. You can then click the SYSTEM tab and click the Update button to download and install the latest version of the software.

If you have several Gen 2 Obelisks, the Obelisk Scanner will soon be updated to allow you to update them all to the latest version with a single click. corrupt.

We will have a support article shortly on how to flash a Gen 2 Obelisk, as it is different than a Gen 1 Obelisk.


Release Notes

  • The default fan speed was changed from 75% to 50%.
  • New Feature: Implemented a performance tuning system that tries various performance settings for the first 30 minutes of operation. After 30 minutes, the best settings are locked in. During the tuning process, the hashrate will bounce around as various settings are tested. After that, the hashrate return to the best value found during tuning.NOTE: We are still working on improving this algorithm, and we have found that after running for about 40 minutes it can improve hashrate if you decrease the fan speed to 50% for 5 minutes, and then set it back to 70-85%. We are working on automating a fan speed tuning process as well so that you do not need to do this manually.
  • Improvement: If the system detects that a hash board has become unresponsive, it reboots so that hashing can be resumed.
  • Bug Fix: The REBOOT EVERY option in the SYSTEM tab was using units of seconds instead of minutes, which caused miners to reboot too soon.
  • Change: Established a minimum fan speed of 50% to protect the system from thermal damage.
  • Change: Reset fan speed to 85% even if it was modified by the customer.