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Obelisk Grn1 Voucher


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Obelisk Tech GRN1, the first ASIC miner for Grin!

This sale allows you to obtain an Obelisk GRN1 at a significant discount by purchasing a voucher. Each voucher costs $3,000, and is exchangeable for one GRN1 miner.

When we launch the full machine sale, expected for mid-March, we will sell GRN1 miners for $6000 each. This voucher sale allows you to obtain a miner at a 50% discount.

From the $3,000 per voucher, Obelisk will use approximately $1,000 toward chip development, electromechanical design, and chip tapeout. This $1,000 is therefore nonrefundable, as it allows us to cover non-recurring engineering costs.

In mid-March, we expect to launch the full machine sale. Alongside this launch, we will be providing updated specifications based on ASIC simulations and an updated estimated shipping date. If you are unsatisfied for any reason before the full machine sale closes, we will refund $2,000 of your voucher – no questions asked.

We are offering a maximum of 10,000 vouchers during this sale period. We are also excited to announce that we will be setting aside $100 per voucher to fund Grin development!


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